Main features of our CCTV Systems

Types of CC Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems

IP Camera is type of CCTV that gives best clarity becasue the video is transmitted using ethernet.

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras get its name because of its shape.They are strongly built and are generally used in exterior environments.

PTZ Camera

A PTZ Camera can be used to remotely adjust the Pan,Tilt and Zoom to aim at desired location.

Dome Camera

This type of camera comes with dome casing,its non-obtrusive design will benefit us, as it is difficult to see in which direction the camera is pointing.

PinHole Camera

PinHole CCTV Camera are very small, they can be concealed easily to spy or conduct discreet surveillance operations.

Board Camera

Board Cameras form the base of any CCTV System,They can be used to build custom CC Camera Solutions.

DVR,NVR & Storage

DVR/NVR are used to control CCTV Cameras,HardDisk's which record the streaming of camera is housed in DVR/NVR.

CCTV Monitor

We also supply Wide Screen HD,Full HD Monitors that are best suited for surveillance.

Major CCTV brands that we deal in