Types of Access Control Systems

Biometric Attendance/Access Control System

A Biometric Access Control System is an identification and authentication device, this can be done using finger prints,facial & voice recognition,IRIS Prints,etc,.

Systems with Finger Scanner are mostly used for Attendance Management Systems. We deal in all major brands like ESSL,HID etc

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition access control system authenticates by scanning the facial features of the person.That scan results are then compared to image stored in the device using an algorithm,with a probable match, the person is given access.

Card Access Control Systems

A proximity card also called as an RFID card has magnetic strip which stores the credentials of the card holder,Access is given when this card is brought in close proximity to the Lock(Sensor).

This type of Access Control Systems are often used in office and commercial establishments.

Finger Scanner/Thumb Scanner

A Finger Scanner is a fingerprint reader which comes with a USB interface,with which can be directly connected to a computer.

Any type of custom software can be used to deploy different applications like basic authenticaion,banking,billing etc

Burglar Alarm

A Burglar Alarm is device designed to detect intrusion. These devices can be used in residential and commercial properties for protection against burglary and propery damage.

A control panel is connected to sensors that are placed at possible entries,these sensor's employ different technologies like ir,ultrasonic,microwave,photoelectric etc,.But the most common are magnetic sensor's,motion sensor's are also widely used.

Finger-Print Locks

Finger Print Locks are designed to work as regular lock,where the keys are replaced by the finger impression.alternate to finger impression, "number-combination" may be also present. we deal in all major brands like Yale etc,.

Intercom/Video Door Phone

An intercom stand-alone voice communication system for use within a building or collection of buildings. Intercoms can control public address loudspeaker systems, telephones,lights and door latches. Video door phone is an intercom system used to make calls at the entrance of a building providing both audio and visual communications.


A turnstile is type of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. It restrict's passage,allowing only when a registerd card(RFID) is swiped,a coin is inserted or pass is shown or an registerd fingerprint.