Pelco CCTV Systems in India.

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  • Pelco CCTV Camera

    Pelco offers best range of CCTV Camera Systems.Depending on the requirement we can select for panoramic,dome,ptz,bullet Cameras.

  • Video Management Soluttions(VMS).

    Pelco offers powerful VMS,This VMS can also be scaled to the specific requirement.

  • Accessories & Utilities.

    Pelco has wide range of accessories lenses,mounts,illuminators,camera covers etc.

  • Special Modifications Requests

    Pelco offers custom solutions under Special Modifications Request(SMR) for any unique requirements.

Pelco CCTV Camera Solutions.

Dome Camera

This type of camera comes with dome casing,its non-obtrusive design will benefit us, as it is difficult to see in which direction the camera is pointing.

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras get its name because of its shape and size.They are strongly built and are generally used in exterior environments.

PTZ Camera

A PTZ Camera can has features which can pan,tilt,zoom towards the desired view.

Fish-Eye Camera

FishEye CC Camera's are equipped with panoramic lens which can cover more than 170° view,

Covert Camera

PinHole CCTV Camera are very small, they can be concealed easily to spy or conduct discreet surveillance operations.

Box Camera

Board Cameras form the base of any CCTV System,They can be used to build custom CC Camera Solutions.

Door Camera

Pelco Door Camera is not only a camera but can also double up as a access control system and an intercom.

Display Systems

We also supply supported LED/LCD Display systems for the secuirty system.

Pelco Video Management Solutions(VMS).


NVR is a system that controls the cameras,it also houses the storage accessories.

Control Center Software

Pelco Central Management Software can manage extremely large network of upto 800 video devices.

Video Analytics

Pelco has several analytics tools like people counting application,retail analytics etc.

Premium Applications

Pelco also has customised applications for premium requirements like shipping industry and defence applications.

Accessories & Utilities by Pelco


Enclosures are housing(s) that are used to make box camera or covert camera work in harsh all weather environment.


Pelco also has wide range of lens(s) being offered which are really helpful incase of building a custom cc camera system.

Storage Peripherals

Wide range of storage devices like hard-disk,memory card and also customizable NAS Server are also available.


Special features like Pan,Tilt,Zoom can be controlled with joystick,custom controls can also be assigned.

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